Why Choose Us

Why Choose Caribbean For This Project

  • Over 40 years of pool construction and over 46 years in business.
  • We have been designing and reconstructing pool renovations for 40 years. We KNOW the common failures in pool construction and how to avoid them.
  • Our experience is evident in the history and longevity of our company. We DO NOT advertise 41 years of experience based on the combined experience of ten employees each with four years of experience.
  • We are a custom builder, which means that every pool we build is unique and each plan and design is given the proper attention to detail and planning for a strong and long lasting pool construction. We DO NOT recycle plans for pool to be built regardless of ground conditions or local climate.
  • We do not build hundreds of pools per year, and therefore can provide the needed attention to each construction.
  • As a custom builder and renovation company we have experience with all of the newest materials, designs, and features. We DO NOT limit your color selections, design selections, or added features.
  • We are also a service company, which means that we would like to have you as a customer for years to come. We DO NOT build your pool and then pass you on to someone else, instead we stand behind our construction and earn your future business.
  • We are also a service company, which means that our designs take into account the daily use and maintenance of your pool in the future. We DO NOT arbitrarily choose a location for your pool equipment, or make design suggestions that look nice but lack function and durability.
  • We are a local company with local ties. We ARE NOT going anywhere and will be here to answer questions, provide service, open and close your pool, sell chemicals, and even one day (years later!) renovate your pool.
  • We pride ourselves on the durability and strength of our pools. We DO NOT use flexible plumbing underground, and our steel reinforcements are above the required level.

There are many factors to consider when searching for a company that you can trust for a large constructions project like this. We ARE confident that by choosing us you will have made the right choice. We look forward to working with you on your upcoming project.

“Its A Caribbean Kind of Summer”